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Beyond the Physical: Discover the Spiritual Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Yoga as a practice has been evolving since its inception, from meditation and breathing exercises into what we now know as yoga today. At the core of all these practices, variations across all yoga traditions and forms of yoga, is the intended goal of liberation, freedom from suffering, or what some may refer to as enlightenment. Yoga is fundamentally a spiritual practice. The original intention ...
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The Pursuit of Fulfillment: Unraveling the Four Aims of Life

Yoga began as a practice of renunciation. That is to say; classical yoga encourages one to disengage from what is seen as the traps of the material world: no family, no possessions, no attachments. As yoga evolved and blossomed into what we now call Tantra, the practice was no longer focused on renunciation of life but full engagement with it. This engagement focus acknowledges that if we want to ...
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Join a Yoga Community that Empowers You to Transform Your Life

When Burning Wheel was just a dream in my mind, it always centered around the people who would come here. I knew we’d be weird and we wouldn’t be a good fit for everyone, but that was the point. I wanted to make a place where people could seek Truth on the journey to find themselves. I knew there had to be other people looking for a community of seekers. The Sanskrit word for community is Kula. ...
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A yoga practice is more than movement alone. Rather it is a constellation of practices that guide and support a person on their path to personal liberation. Our blog seeks to share information about these practices to inspire readers to reach into the unknown and uncomfortable on the journey to uncovering their true nature. 
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