Special events & workshops

From time to time, Burning Wheel Yoga honored guests to come and share their knowledge and experience with our community.  Occasionally, we offer special classes with a focus on specific areas of practice or unusual events related to the practice and study of yoga.  Sometimes, we throw a party and invite everyone.

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Dharma Talk: Philosophical Discussion Group with Jordan Lashley, Part 3

Next Date to be Announced

What is Truth? What is Love? Have we as humans diverged from the path of Order somewhere in our history? What tools have the ancients provided us, outlined in the Sanskrit texts, to help guide us back to the path of Truth and Love? Join Jordan and friends in an open forum discussion and delve deeper into the topics touched upon in his 8-Limb Yoga classes and previous Dharma Talks. Bring your questions, paper and pen, and audio recorder if you like. This class requires a minimum of 5 people to preregister in order for us to offer it so be sure to sign up online and tell your friends to do so as well. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Class passes accepted, regular drop in rates apply. In case of insufficient registration, you will be notified and purchases will be returned to your account for future use.


Advanced Asana Expressions

Saturday September 21st 12:30-2pm

With Weslie Sellinger

Have you ever snuck a peek at the person next to you in class while they bound their arms behind their back and thought, 'How do they do that'? Do you feel ready to step out of your comfort zone but not sure how to get into some of the more challenging yoga postures? Bring your list of most feared or most desired poses and join Weslie for an afternoon of experimentation, instruction, and discussion. Wes will guide you through the scary bits and demystify the process of achieving advanced asana expressions in a comfortable and safe environment.

Drop in rates apply, class passes are accepted for this workshop.

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Breathing: Pranayama and Beyond

Sunday October 6th 1-2:30pm

with Tom Richardson

Join our resident actor/storyteller/yogi Tom Richardson for an experiential workshop on breathwork.  Breathing is integral to our life, yet we often take it for granted. Drawing from the yogic discipline of Pranayama and other breath/movement practices, this 90 minute workshop will introduce you to the benefits and techniques to move from limited, habitual breathing to full, natural breathing. This class is suitable to all experience levels, children ages 8 and up are welcome to attend with their parents. If you or someone you know is battling anxiety, please consider attending this workshop with them. Breathwork is an invaluable tool for the management of anxiety disorders.

Regular drop in rates apply, class passes are accepted for this workshop.

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I Can See Clearly Now: a unique workshop

with Jed Dorsheimer

Sunday October 20th 12-3pm

With the nights becoming longer and thus day light becoming shorter, we have designed a workshop around the sense of sight. Using Pratyahara, the 5th limb of Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga – we will withdraw our sense of vision in order to heighten our appreciation for the complexity of this often over stimulated sense. Using classical meditation techniques, yoga, and an understanding of the nervous system, students will gain a greater awareness and gratitude for our sense of sight, as well as the natural and artificial light we chose to live in. We will utilize Burning Wheel’s state of the art Sunlight Inside spectrally tuned lighting system to bring awareness to Seasonal Affective Disorder and the role of spectra on the mind and body to create wellness.

The workshop will combine movement, meditation, and interactive group discussions in digestible exercises that will culminate with a 60-minute yoga session to embody all of the components. Be prepared to learn, to fall, to laugh, and to appreciate what most of us take for granted.

Jed Dorsheimer has completed his RYT-200 with Jordan Lashley and Braxton Rose. He has a storied professional career in the development of LED lighting, which include a series of Executive positions at the World’s largest Lighting manufacturer, Wall Street, and policy work with the Obama Administration. His fascination with light, physical sciences and wellness come together in this workshop.

Regular drop in rates apply, class passes accepted for this workshop.

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